NI19 Conference “Widening the Len” is being hosted in Detroit!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to attend this event so close to home and to interact with so many passionate Net Impacters from around the world. NI19 Conference is occurring October 24-26.


Testimonials from NI18 Conference “Outside the Lines”

The conference was comprised of keynote speakers, breakout workshops, a career expo, and networking sessions that brought together students, professionals, and field experts. The speakers ranged from public sector experts like Gina McCarthy, former head of the EPA, to social entrepreneurs, to leaders in the corporate world. It was inspiring to hear all the different paths that led these individuals to become such incredible change agents. Social impact leadership can take so many forms; it just takes a whole lot of personal commitment and perseverance.
— Elsa Borrello
“My favorite part of the Net Impact conference was getting to meet lots of experts and peers working in the fields I’m passionate about. I went to an Impact Investing panel and was super fascinated by one panelist, but the line to talk to him was super long, so I left disappointed. An hour later, he happened to sit in the seat next to mine at a pitch competition. We talked about our lives and backgrounds, his company, and the city of Atlanta for the next 30 minutes. Those kinds of informal run-ins with super cool potential employers and mentors happened all 3 days.”
— Charlene Franke