A FEW OF OUR 2015-2016 Projects:



Our Groundwork project team partnered with the Traverse City-based non-profit Groundwork Center for resilient communities. The overall goal of the team's work was to encourage residents of Northern Michigan to take advantage of solar panel tax credits before they expire. The team mapped neighborhoods in the Traverse City area and made recommendations on best neighborhoods to target. 




Medical Device Consulting

A core principle of our chapter is Social Impact. The Medical Device Consulting team embodies our goal of having a global impact. This project team focused on the lack of access to contraceptives in developing countries, specifically in Ethiopia. Our team researched potential business plans and explored target markets for sub-dermal implant birth control.




Energy Audit Team

At Net Impact, we are always trying to undergo projects that both make our members and our fellow Wolverines more sustainable.

In the 2015-2016 year, our Energy Audit Team worked with U-M's Sustainable Computing to audit energy use in on-campus computer labs. 


Maggie's Organics

We strive to support small business. In 2016, we established a campus ambassadorship with Maggie's Organics, a fair-trade, organic apparel company based in Ypsilanti. In the fall of 2016, we plan to bring to market an organic University of Michigan "Game Day" sock for students.

Our members are gaining business acumen, learning how to maintain relationships, and are beginning to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and small business.