A FEW OF OUR 2017-2018 Projects:

Sanger Crisis Challenge

Net Impact partnered with several other organizations to build and organize this two-day crisis challenge with 120 participants. Teams had a chance to develop their leadership skills, gain experience from actual board members, and learn more about social impact and business while participating in an interactive environment. 

Energy Audit Team

At Net Impact, we are always trying to undergo projects that both make our members and our fellow Wolverines more sustainable. This year, we used our funding towards installing a solar powered charging station in a heavily trafficked area equipped with an informational sign promoting renewable energy on campus. Specifically, we vetted charging station vendors, received sponsorship from the Office of Campus Sustainability, and prepared a presentation to be approved by the Exterior Elements Design Review.

Campus Farm Produce Pick Up 

Our Campus Farm-Net Impact team set out to improve access to fresh food on the University of Michigan campus. By teaming up with the Campus Farm and Student Food Co-op to, they developed a new online ordering platform for fresh produce. In the Spring, they debuted the beta version of the project which allowed students to order arugula and spinach from an online order form and pick up the produce from a central location on campus.

Net Impact helped the Campus Farm sell over $200 worth of produce and over 15 pounds of fresh produce! Look out for the full launch Fall 2018! 


Ross Waste Team 

In conjunction with Ross Operations and MBA students, the Ross Waste team planned a trial run of post-consumer composting at the Ross School of Business. Members designed signage, monitored the station, and achieved a contamination rate of less than 2%. As a team, they coordinated volunteers for several zero-waste events, and created a map of all compost bin locations on campus that was sent to the Michigan App developers.


Pizzaplex - FoodLab Team

This Detroit-based team worked primarily with a FoobLab member business called Pizzaplex, an amazing pizzeria and community space located in Southwest Detroit. The project scope includes a campaign surrounding its current sustainability initiatives and how to engage community members in this conversation. With continued collaboration throughout the summer, members successfully installed a mural with plans to continue partnership into the 2018-19 academic year.