A FEW OF OUR 2016-2017 Projects:

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Sanger Crisis Challenge

Net Impact partnered with several other organizations to build and organize this two-day crisis challenge with 120 participants. Teams had a chance to develop their leadership skills, gain experience from actual board members, and learn more about social impact and business while participating in an interactive environment. 


Energy Audit Team

At Net Impact, we are always trying to undergo projects that both make our members and our fellow Wolverines more sustainable.

In the 2015-2016 year, our Energy Audit Team worked with U-M's Sustainable Computing to audit energy use in on-campus computer labs.  In 2016-17, they worked on the feasibility of electric buses on campus, and will be proceeding with presentations in the fall of 2017. 


Maggie's Organics

We strive to support small business. In 2016, we established a campus ambassadorship with Maggie's Organics, a fair-trade, organic apparel company based in Ypsilanti. In the fall of 2016, we plan to bring to market an organic University of Michigan "Game Day" sock for students. In the fall of 2017, we hope to further this and recruit student ambassadors for Maggie's Organics on campus, as well as launch a sustainability case competition based on Maggie's Organics' problems to increase awareness and brand recognition. 

Our members are gaining business acumen, learning how to maintain relationships, and are beginning to understand the importance of entrepreneurship and small business.

Green Classroom

Net Impact members value interacting with the wider Ann Arbor community, so one team this year took our sustainability initiatives to elementary school classrooms. They focused on projects and activities that would make it easy for kids to understand environmentalism, they such as participating in a science fair with a water filter project. In the upcoming year, they hope to use this connection to plan more activities and establish a lasting impact in the classroom. 

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Team Gardens Consulting Project

Social impact and sustainability can overlap in projects, as was the case when consulting for the Team Gardens Project- a community garden started by a formed UM football player that focuses on cultivating a healthy lifestyle in food deserts as well as encouraging youth in urban environments to use their after school time in an enriching manner.

Net Impact members used their business skills to help Team Gardens create an effective social media campaign, help write grant proposals, and even get Team Garden shirts into a local clothing store, all while focusing on understanding Team Garden's vision and long term goals.